Polaris General XP 1000 Heavy-Duty CVT Drive Belt


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Your Polaris General XP 1000 is built for high levels of action. But no matter
how capable it may seem, your OEM drive belt will only get you so far. Upgrade
to a Heavy-Duty CVT Drive Belt from SuperATV to unleash your General’s full
power. World’s Best, Extreme Badass, Sand Storm, and Mud Monster Belts are
designed to be the strongest and most long-lasting belts imaginable. Each one
is trail tested and backed by years of experience.


There’s a reason this one is called the World’s Best Belt.
It leads the pack in every aspect—strength, heat dissipation, longevity, you
name it. Its superior rubber compound gives you a better grip and less
slippage on tricky terrain, and you’re guaranteed a smooth engagement every
time. The World’s Best Belt features an aramid fiber cord that has an ultra-
high shock load, meaning it won’t break under pressure.

It doesn’t
matter when, where, or how you ride—every ride gets better with World’s Best.

XC X-Country
If you’re looking for an OEM
replacement that won’t break the bank, look no further. The Badass XC
X-Country disperses heat faster than an OEM belt and engages smoothly for
better performance.
The rare combination of quality and affordability
makes this belt a value you won’t find anywhere else.

Extreme Badass
Our Extreme Badass Belt is designed to
handle those massive torque loads that put ridiculous amounts of strain on
your drive belt. If you like to gear down and go big, chances are your OEM
belt is already at its wit’s end. That’s where Extreme Badass comes in. Thanks
to an aramid cord and a high-strength rubber compound, this drive belt can get
pulled in any direction without stretching or breaking.

you’re rescuing a buddy from a no-talent moment or taking on thick, peanut-
butter mud, you need an Extreme Badass Belt to see you through it.

Sand Storm
Dune riding is hell on a side-by-side’s drive
belt. Between gritty sand, unbeatable heat, and high speeds, you don’t want to
stick with that OEM belt when it comes to desert riding. Replacing your stock
belt with a Sand Storm Belt is the best decision you could make if you
frequent the dunes. This belt is built for high speed, high RPM, and high
heat. It’ll stay running cool, even in the most brutal conditions.

If you want to stay cool under pressure and keep your belt in one piece, Sand
Storm is the drive belt for you.

Mud Monster
You can’t truly enjoy your favorite mud bog or bounty hole if you don’t have
the right drive belt on your machine. Upgrade from your OEM belt to a Mud
Monster to get unbeatable grip while pushing through the thickest mud. It’s
thicker than your average belt and designed to handle excessive shock loads
and extreme abuse. If you consider yourself a true mud rider, there’s no doubt
about it—Mud Monster was designed with you in mind.

What are you
waiting for? You haven’t truly done mud until you’ve done it with a Mud
Monster Belt.


  • Built for high strength, flexibility, and heat resistance
  • Higher power transfer through your clutch
  • Smooth engagement
  • Built for thousands of miles of abuse


  • Polaris General XP 1000 : 2020+
  • Polaris General XP 4 1000 :

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