Polaris Pinion Bearing Retainer


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**Polaris Pinion Bearing Retainer**

Upgrade your pinion bearing retainer and never worry about busting your
transmission again! The OE pinion bearing retainer is notorious for going bad
and is one of the weakest components in the Polaris transmission. When it
fails, the pinion gear can come away from the snorkel gear and cause serious
damage that results in serious money. SuperATV’s cover is 30% thicker and made
of an industry leading material found in automotive frames. Purchase the cover
in conjunction with our super-duty front output shaft and take your confidence
to the next level with a stronger transmission.


* 30% thicker
* Made of industry leading material
* Replaces OE Part #3235241
* Frequently purchased with super-duty front output shaft


* Polaris General 1000 : 2016+
* Polaris General 1000 4P : 2017+
* Polaris Ace 900 : 2016
* Polaris Ace 900 XC : 2017+
* Polaris Ace 570 : 2015+
* Polaris Ace 500 : 2017+
* Polaris Ace 325 : 2014-2016