Polaris Ranger 900 Diesel Heavy-Duty Tie Rod Kits


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Don’t get caught on the trails with a broken tie rod. Replace your OEM tie
rods with SuperATV’s heavy-duty upgrades. As you move to larger tires, more
difficult terrain, or from general wear and tear, your stock steering linkage
can take a real beating. SuperATV offers a 1-piece, solid assembly as well as
a super tough, light weight swaged design to keep you rolling on the trails.

At SuperATV, we understand the need for bulletproof strength and unmatched
durability. To ensure an exceptional product, we’ve increased the size of our
tie rod ends, added misalignment bushings, and finished it with the optimal
blend of materials and heat treating. Our high strength 4130 Chromoly end is
oversized allowing for an increased bearing surface area, leaving you with
all-out strength, durability and reliability.


* Increased tie rod bearing size for increased strength in swaged units
* Complete tie rod assembly
* Stock length replacement
* Available in swaged or solid design

**SuperATV Tie Rod Ends**

* 4130 Chromoly
* Heavy-duty design
* Precision blend of materials and heat treatment
* M14x1.5 threads
* 14mm compare to 12mm OEM
* Only works with SuperATV Heavy-Duty Tie Rods


* Polaris Ranger 900 Diesel : 2011-2014
* Polaris Ranger 900 Diesel Crew : 2011-2014

**Compatible with SuperATV Rack and Pinion:**

**Compatible with OE Rack and Pinion:**
1823338, 1823795