Polaris RZR 900 Track Bars


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Bolster Your Suspension
Sometimes you can go too big,
and your over-the-top custom build turns into a trailer queen. You’ve got huge
tires, but that unsprung weight at the hub means more leverage. More leverage
means every mud hole and rut can wad up your suspension. Your UTV doesn’t have
to just look pretty—with SuperATV Track Bars for the Polaris RZR 900, you can
take your rig for the killer rides you built it for. It bolsters your
suspension so it can survive hard riding. Protect your investment and keep the
good times rolling with SuperATV Track Bars.

Double Your
Suspension Strength

Our track bars are made with 1.25”
diameter steel tubing and use heavy-duty heims. We use 1/8” steel plating for
our frame mount to ensure a bulletproof connection point. They give your
suspension another anchor to the frame. It’s like having a beefy arm holding
everything in place. Altogether, our track bars virtually double the strength
of your front suspension. That means you can hit bigger bumps with bigger
tires and bigger portals without crumpling your A-arms.

Perfect Engineering with Double Axis Technology
Do you
know why SuperATV is one of the only companies you can find that makes track
bars, jamb bars, or A-arms support bars? It’s because they’re really stinking
tricky. Without precision placement, you’ll compromise strength, ground
clearance, suspension travel or, worse, all three. We use Double Axis
technology to ensure you get full suspension travel without binding. They
maintain perfect 3-point geometry that gives you maximum strength and

We know what we’re doing and we know the difference
between track bars that rock and track bars that suck. Ours rock. Our clamps
are big and beefy—our tests show that they won’t break when properly installed
so there’s no need to weld. And even though they’re big, our clamps only hang
down a couple inches to minimize clearance loss.

We’re not just
guessing, we make it right with experience, technology, testing.


  • Virtually doubles the strength of your front suspension
  • Designed for the RZR 900 7-10″ Lift Kit.
  • Bars made of 1.25”
    diameter steel
  • Mounting plate made of 1/8” steel plating


For use with SuperATV’s 7-10″ lift kits for:

  • Polaris
    RZR 900 : 2015-2018
  • Polaris RZR S 900 : 2015-2018
  • Polaris RZR 900 XC : 2015-2017

Note: These Track Bars are only compatible with
machines with 2 piece frames.