Polaris Ranger XP 700 RackBoss 2.0 Steel Bar Tie Rod Kit


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Stay on Track
When your Polaris Ranger puts in the hours
all week long and still hits the trail like a champ on the weekend,
something’s gotta give—make sure your tie rods don’t. With SuperATV’s Polaris
Ranger XP 700 RackBoss 2.0 Steel Bar Tie Rod Kit, you’ll have beefy 1” steel
tie rods and oversized tie rod ends on your RackBoss 2.0 rack that can’t be
beat. It’s designed to keep your Ranger in control no matter what.

Beefed-Up Tie Rods and Heims
You get tie rods made of 1”
diameter solid steel bars. But the oversized tie rod ends are where this kit
shines. The outer chromoly heim joints use 3/4” rack threads, and the
rebuildable inners use 16 mm rack threads along with 3/4” rack threads.
They’re as big as they come and the toughest you can get.

Plus, our
rods are backed by a lifetime warranty, so don’t be afraid to push hard.

Sweat-Free Installation
We don’t actually know how
hot your garage is, but we do give you everything you need right in the box.
Forget making a trip to the hardware store—you can get this Ranger 700 tie rod
replacement kit installed in no time.

Kit Includes

  • Heavy-duty solid steel bar tie rod shafts
  • 3/4” inner and
    outer tie rod ends
  • All boots and zip ties
  • Misalignment
    bushings and hardware
  • Thread locker


  • Solid steel bar tie rods for maximum strength
  • Compatible
    with RackBoss 2.0 rack and pinion
  • Hardened heim joint tie rod
  • 3/4” diameter inner and outer tie rod threads
  • Stock
    length replacement
  • Easily adjustable without disassembling
  • Tie rods backed by a lifetime warranty


  • Polaris Ranger XP 700 : 2009

Compatible with RackBoss 2.0 racks only