Polaris RZR Trail 900 Dynojet Power Vision 3 ECU Tuner


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Get More Power with an ECU Tuner
Wouldn’t it be nice if
your Polaris RZR Trail 900 had more power? You can get that and more with
SuperATV’s Rev1 Dynojet Power Vision 3 ECU Tuner. It unlocks hidden power,
improves overall performance, lets you tweak your own tunes, and makes a great
diagnostic tool. Don’t wait to get the most out of your RZR.

More Horsepower + More Speed
The Dynojet tuner comes
prepared with an ECU tune that will totally transform your RZR’s performance.
It adjusts engine timing to give you more horsepower and raises speed and rev
limiters to unlock higher speeds. On top of that, you get quick fixes to
enable left foot braking, faster limp mode, and lower fan temps.

Easy to Read Screen
Power Vision 3 tuners have a bright,
full-color screen that makes them way easier to use. They plug directly into
the standard diagnostic port and take just a few minutes to install. You don’t
need to be an engineer to get the most out of this ECU tuner.

Get Diagnostics in Realtime!
Our Dynojet tuner works
double-time. It helps you tweak your ECU tunes and is a valuable diagnostic
tool. You can leave it plugged in while riding to get a real-time readout of
RPM, coolant temp, wheel speed, and more. It’s helpful when you’re trying to
diagnose a problem. It logs all that info for you to upload to your computer
and view with Power Core tuning software. Once you’ve got all the info you
need, you can even use Power Core to build custom tunes.

Power Vision 3 Gives You:
More horsepower
Higher rev limits
Higher speed limits
Lower fan temps
Faster limp mode
Simultaneous gas and
Tweakable tunes
Live diagnostic
Data logging


  • Installs in minutes via standard diagnostic plug
  • Easy-to-
    use, full-color display
  • Boosts all-around performance and feel
  • Raises rev and speed limiters
  • Can be tuned back to stock
  • Operates as a live diagnostic tool and data logger for
    troubleshooting and optimizing
  • Tweak your own tunes using included
    Power Core software


  • Polaris RZR Trail 900 Sport : 2021+
  • Polaris RZR Trail 900
    Premium : 2021+
  • Polaris RZR Trail 900 Ultimate : 2021+