Polaris RZR Turbo R Keller Ball Joint


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Two-Piece Design That Won’t Quit
Your Polaris RZR Turbo
R’s stock ball joints are no pushover, but Keller Ball Joints from SuperATV
make OE look puny. For unbeatable strength and unparalleled reliability, you
want ball joints designed by Todd Keller. His two-piece design all but
guarantees that these ball joints won’t pull out. They’re one of our favorite
brands for a reason. As soon as you drive a RZR with Keller Ball Joints,
you’ll know why—and you’ll never go back to OEM.

OEM Ball Joints

Keller Ball Joints are built better than OEM.
The studs and housings are made with hardened 4340 chromoly steel. They’re
fully greaseable and adjustable for impressive longevity. But what really sets
them apart is the two-piece design. You press the joint in and then thread the
housing on for a secure fit. OEM could only dream of engineering like this!

The Last Ball Joints You’ll Ever Buy
All other
ball joints rely on a snap ring to function—and those snap rings break a
lot—but not Keller. You can run big lifts and gigantic tires through the
wildest terrain without breaking a sweat. These Keller Ball Joints could very
well be the last ball joints you ever buy for your RZR.


  • 4340 hardened chromoly steel construction
  • Two-piece threaded
    design doesn’t require a snap ring
  • Easily adjustable, rebuildable,
    and greaseable
  • Robust boot retaining ring prevents water


  • Polaris RZR Turbo R : 2022+
  • Polaris RZR Turbo R 4 :

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1 Lower Ball Joint, 1 Upper and 1 Lower, 1 Upper Ball Joint, 2 Lower Ball Joints, 2 Upper Ball Joints, 2 Uppers and 2 Lowers