Assault Industries Polaris RZR Turbo R 4 Tinted Roof


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Overhead Protection for War
It’s slim pickings for
overhead coverage when you’re dodging missile strikes in the middle of the
dunes. Gear up for battle by adding Assault Industries’ Polaris RZR Turbo R 4
Tinted Roof. It’s made of lightly-tinted polycarbonate for maximum protection
against flying debris and the sun. With this roof, you get complete
visibility, ovehead protection, and you get a RZR thats a total war machine.

Salute to Extreme Visibility
visibility is the hail mary you pray for when the enemy is closing in on both
sides. This lightly-tinted polycarbonate roof gives you total visibility,
allowing you to see what’s above without leaving your seat. Because it’s
lightly tinted, you’ll never have to worry about the sun’s glare or harmful UV

Military Grade Polycarbonate
You could
consider polycarbonate our top-notch, military-grade material. It’s 250 times
stronger than glass and 25 times stronger than acrylic. We’ve constructed this
roof to fit flush with your RZR’s cage, securing it with hefty clamps and
watertight seals. It’s one of many materials we use to weaponize all of our
own machines.

XR Optic Hard Coating for Reinforcement

You might shred a belt or blow an axle, but you won’t see any
scratches on this roof. Why? Because we’ve added our XR Otpic Hard Coating for
reinforcement. It boosts durability so you can ride in the sun day after day
without it losing its clarity, yellowing, or fading over time. It’s the secret
sauce to gaining a victory.

Roof with an Intimidating

You’ll be talking the talk and walking the walk with this
roof. The wing on the back gives intimidating vibes that’ll have your enemy
shaking at the knees. And it’s functional—diverting air down to blow out
leaves and sand from your bed without sucking more in.


  • Made of 1/4″ light-tinted polycarbonate
  • Utilizes XR Optic
    Hard Coating
  • Gives you full visibility and awareness
  • Keeps
    out the sun, rain, and debris
  • Built-in wing looks awesome
  • Heavy-duty steel clamps keep roof secure
  • Sealed edges to prevent
  • Snug, rattle-free fit
  • Easy to install—includes all
    hardware and instructions


  • Polaris RZR Turbo R 4 : 2022+