Can-Am Commander Flip Down Glass Windshield


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The Most Versatile Windshield
Check out SuperATV’s Flip
Down Glass Windshield for the Can-Am Commander! It’s the best of both worlds—a
full glass windshield when you need protection and a flip down windshield when
you want a cool breeze.

  • DOT-approved scratch-resistant glass
  • Ultra-strong powder-coated steel frame
  • Secure Seal technology for
    a rattle-free ride
  • Bumpers and clamps absorb impact
  • Includes
    a manual wiper and BreezeRite vents

DOT Approved and a
Clear View

This windshield is all about giving you the freedom
to ride your way while getting the job done right. With its wide viewing angle
and scratch-resistant surface, you can take on any terrain without
compromising your crystal-clear view. And guess what? It’s DOT approved too!

Superior Steel Frame
While other manufacturers
opted for aluminum frames, we used steel for our glass windshield. Why?
Because steel minimizes vibrations that might cause cracks, especially when
the windshield is resting on the hood. And we’ve taken it a step further by
applying a sturdy powder coating to the frame, ensuring it’s strong and built
to last.

Secure Seal Technology
windshield coming loose should be the least of your worries thanks to our
Secure Seal technology. With premium seals, this windshield boasts a secure
and snug fit to your machine, making sure no water or dust enters your cab.
Plus, you’ll enjoy a rattle-free ride that you’ll love. Ride with confidence
and peace of mind!

Bumpers and Clamps Absorb Impact

Who puts a windshield on their machine knowing it’s going to keep them
from riding hard? No one! That’s why we’ve equipped this windshield with
rubber bumpers and straps that can handle the impact of rough rides when in
the flip-down position. So go ahead and conquer that challenging terrain. This
windshield can take it all!

BreezeRite Vents, Manual Wiper,
Preinstalled Glass

We’ve covered all the bases with this
Commander glass windshield. Take control of your airflow with our BreezeRite
vents. Enjoy the convenience of a manual wiper with mounting positions on both
the passenger and driver sides. And to save you time and effort, we’ve
preinstalled the glass into the steel frame. It’s a package that offers
unbeatable convenience, all in one!


  • Includes a manual wiper
  • Two locations for manual wipers,
    driver and passenger side
  • Uses DOT-approved glass with a wide viewing
  • Powder-coated steel frame reinforces glass and prevents
  • Rubber gaskets eliminate leaks and deliver a rattle-free
  • Includes two injection-molded BreezeRite vents
  • Durable
    rubber straps keep lowered windshield secure


  • Can-Am Commander 700 DPS : 2022+
  • Can-Am Commander 700 XT :
  • Can-Am Commander 1000R DPS : 2021+
  • Can-Am Commander
    1000R XMR : 2022+
  • Can-Am Commander 1000R XT : 2021+
  • Can-Am
    Commander 1000R XTP : 2021+
  • Can-Am Commander Max 1000R DPS :
  • Can-Am Commander Max 1000R XT : 2021+

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