Can-Am Defender HD5 RackBoss 2.0 Rack and Pinion


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Upgrade to RackBoss 2.0
No matter how nice you are to
your rig, every rack and pinion wears out eventually—except ours. If you want
an upgrade that’s built to last, get SuperATV’s Can-Am Defender HD5 RackBoss
2.0 Rack and Pinion. Our patented X24 technology and unique dual-bushing
design reduce wear by over 50% compared to stock. RackBoss 2.0 is the perfect
rack and pinion for upgrades like huge tires, big lifts, or anything that adds
lots of weight. If you want the best of the best, you can trust SuperATV.

Dual-Bushing Design
Hard work is hard on your
machine. We built RackBoss 2.0 to keep up. Our X24 tech uses durable PTFE
bushings on both ends that remove play from the internal gears and tension
spring. Eliminating unneeded movement reduces wear and tear.

include a built-in grease fitting for maintenance after a weekend of rough
riding in the mud and muck. Altogether, this RackBoss 2.0 easily lasts twice
as long as any other rack and pinion.

Swaged Tube Tie Rods

When it comes to strength and weight balance, our swaged steel
tube tie rods are an ideal option. The swaged design greatly enhances the
toughness of the 7/8” diameter tubing. They’re also equipped with 16 mm inner
ball and sockets, along with 14 mm outer tie rod ends, giving you extra
strength in crucial areas. If you’re a casual rider looking for enhanced
performance compared to your stock setup, these tie rods are exactly what
you’re looking for.

Solid Steel Bar Tie Rods
You want to make sure you have a tie rod that can withstand how you ride—our
solid steel bar tie rods are the way to go. They’re made with 1” diameter
steel bars. And they’re paired with bigger and better 3/4” outer heim joint
tie rod ends. That’s not all—they also have adjustable inner tie rod ends that
use 3/4” rod threads and 16 mm rack threads. What does all that mean? They’re
built for hard rides and can handle heavy hits.

Aluminum Hex Tie Rods

If you’re looking for incredible strength
without adding a ton of bulk, you want billet aluminum hex tie rods. They’re
the lightest, strongest, and best-looking tie rods you’ll find. We use heavy-
duty heim joints on the tie rod ends for superior durability. 16 mm rack
threads and 3/4” rod threads make for a hardcore combo too. Long story short?
Billet hex tie rods are the best choice for your Defender.


  • Heavy-duty dual PTFE bushings:
    • Designed with our
      patented X24 Tech
    • Prevents wear
    • Reduces slop
    • Improves overall durability
  • Available tie rod options:
    • Swaged tube
    • Solid steel bar
    • Billet aluminum
  • Solid steel and billet aluminum tie rods use:
    • 3/4” outer tie rod ends
    • Rebuildable inner tie rod ends that use
      3/4” rod threads and 16 mm rack threads
  • Swaged tube tie rods
    • 14 mm outer tie rod ends
    • Rebuildable inner tie rod
      ends that use 3/4” rod threads and 16 mm rack threads
  • 65%
    larger housing than stock
  • Over 50% less wear than OEM after 15,000
  • Grease fitting for rack gears


  • Can-Am Defender HD 5 : 2017-2021
  • Can-Am Defender HD 5 DPS :

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Billet Aluminum Hex, Solid Steel Bar, Steel Swaged Tube