Mesh UTV Trash Bag


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A Better Way to Pack Out Trash
We’ve all done
it—forgotten to bring a trash bag on those day-long rides. No worries, you can
save the trail with SuperATV’s Mesh UTV Trash Bag. It’s super simple—if you’re
packin’ stuff in, you’ll need to take it out. This multipurpose, reusable
trash bag is exactly what it looks like—a bag for your trash. It’s big enough
to fit multiple drink cans, your lunch trash, and a shredded drive belt. And
it also doubles as a way to carry all your extras (gear, dry clothes, and
tools). It’s made of a vinyl-mesh material (easy to clean), and has two ball
bungees so you can easily attach it to your machine.

Note: Avoid direct contact with exhaust, engine components,
or any parts that conduct heat.


  • Orange vinyl-mesh material
  • Mildew resistant
  • Made
    from UV resistant materials
  • Comes with (2) ball bungees
  • Easy to clean
  • Fitment