Polaris PRO XD Front Differential Fill and Drain Plug Kit


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Replace Your Busted Diff Plugs
If your front
differential has stripped plugs, it’s gonna leak. And if it leaks, you can end
up destroying your diff. Get SuperATV’s Front Differential Fill and Drain Plug
Kit to replace the busted plugs on your Polaris PRO XD. It comes with O-ring
seals and a drain magnet to catch debris. Your workhorse will be much more
reliable with plugs you can count on.


* Made of heavy-duty steel
* Includes O-ring seals
* Magnet in drain plug catches metal shavings
* M16 x 1.5 thread pitch
* Compatible with stock and SuperATV differentials


* Polaris Pro XD : 2019+
* Polaris Pro XD Crew : 2019+