Polaris Ranger Midsize 500 Heavy-Duty Reverse Chain


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A Reverse Chain that Lasts
If you get your Polaris
Ranger Midsize 500 bogged down in some mud, you better think twice about
trying to reverse out. Your stock reverse chain is only good for flat, even
surfaces. For better reverse performance, upgrade to SuperATV’s Heavy-Duty
Reverse Chain. It uses dual reverse chains to give you nearly double the
strength of stock.

Real Strength for Real Rides

Dual chains are nearly double the strength of stock. They provide long
lasting durability so you don’t have to second guess using reverse to get out
of a tight spot. Our heavy-duty reverse chain won’t explode just because
you’re going backwards on a hill or through mud.


It’s not just the chains that are tough. The
sprockets and shafts are made with heat-treated chromoly steel to maximize
toughness. The precision ground teeth make it run smoother and quieter than
stock. It’s not just an awesome Polaris Ranger Midsize 500 reverse chain
upgrade–it’s a full-fledged transmission upgrade.


* Quieter than competition
* Nearly double the strength of stock
* 3-year warranty


* Polaris Ranger Midsize 500 2WD : 2017+
* Polaris Ranger Midsize 500 : 2017+
* Polaris Ranger ETX : 2017