Can-Am Heavy-Duty Replacement CV Joint Kit—Rhino 2.0


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This is a replacement CV complete with CV, grease, boot, and clamp. This CV
replacement kit is specifically designed for Can-Am Rhino 2.0 axles and
features a TPEE boot, a larger CV, increased articulation angles, and a
proprietary heat treating process. It’s everything you need to repair your
Rhino 2.0 CV joint and return to full strength.


  • Maximized CV size for ultimate strength
  • High articulation
  • Industry leading 4340 Chromoly for unmatched longevity
  • Precision engineered cage and housing for reduced friction and a smooth
    range of motion
  • Proprietary heat treat process
  • Boot is made
    of high-strength, flexible TPEE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)
  • Synthetic
    grease to keep CVs cool each time you ride


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Axle SKUS Inner CV Outer CV
AX07-001R0 CVK-C-001 CVK-C-002
AX07-002FL0 CVK-C-003 CVK-C-002
AX07-003FR0 CVK-C-004 CVK-C-002
AX07-004R0 CVK-C-001 CVK-C-002
AX07-005FL0 CVK-C-003 CVK-C-002
AX07-006FR0 CVK-C-004 CVK-C-002
AX07-007R0 CVK-C-008 CVK-C-007
AX07-010R0 CVK-C-008 CVK-C-005
AX07-013R-0 CVK-C-008 CVK-C-005
AX07-016R-0 CVK-C-009 CVK-C-005
AX07-017R-0 CVK-C-008 CVK-C-005
AX07-018R-0 CVK-C-008 CVK-C-007
AX07-019R-1 CVK-C-008 CVK-C-007
AX07-020FL-0 CVK-C-010 CVK-C-006
AX07-021FL-0 CVK-C-010 CVK-C-006
AX07-022FL-1 CVK-C-010 CVK-C-006
AX07-023FR-0 CVK-C-011 CVK-C-006
AX07-024FR-0 CVK-C-011 CVK-C-006
AX07-025FR-1 CVK-C-011 CVK-C-006
AX-7-66-R-LK6-BT CVK-C-008 CVK-C-005
AX-7-67-F-0-DT-001 CVK-C-017 CVK-C-012
AX-7-67-F-LK6-DT-001 CVK-C-017 CVK-C-012
AX-7-67-FL-0-DT CVK-C-013 CVK-C-012
AX-7-67-FL-LK6-BT CVK-C-003 CVK-C-012
AX-7-67-FR-0-DT CVK-C-012
AX-7-67-FR-LK6-BT CVK-C-004 CVK-C-012
AX-7-67-R-0-DT-001 CVK-C-015 CVK-C-005
AX-7-67-R-LK6-BT CVK-C-009 CVK-C-005
AX-7-72-F-0-BT-001 CVK-C-016 CVK-C-002
AX-7-72-FL-LK6-BT CVK-C-003 CVK-C-002
AX-7-72-FR-LK6-BT CVK-C-004 CVK-C-002
AX-7-72-R-LK6-BT CVK-C-001 CVK-C-002
AX-7-73-F-0-BT-001 CVK-C-016 CVK-C-002
AX-7-74-FL-0-DT CVK-C-013 CVK-C-012
AX-7-74-FR-0-DT CVK-C-012
AX-7-74-R-0-DT CVK-C-015 CVK-C-005
AX-7-90-FL-0-DT CVK-C-013
AX-7-92-R-0-DT CVK-C-015 CVK-C-005

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